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high power battery
Lithium ion phosphate battery Headway LiFePO4 cells 38120HP 3.2v 8Ah
This cell is the only high power cell, it has 10C continuous discharge.Its color is red,to differ its power so high.It is used in electric big vehicle or forklift which needs high power at sudden time.
It has the same size with 38120S 10Ah cell,but 38120HP only has 8Ah.Because this technology is to reduce the capacity,then enlarge the discharge power.
1-1Rated capacity8000mAh (0.5c)
1-2Rated voltage3.2V
1-3Internal resistance≤3mΩ
1-4Max. charging current10C(80A)
1-5Max. charging voltage3.65±0.05V
1-6Max. continuous discharging current20C(160A)
1-7Max. discharging current25C(200A)
1-8Max. discharging terminal voltage2.0V
1-10WeightApprox. 330g
1-11Cycle life>2000 cycles
1-12Working temperaturecharging0~45℃
1-13Storage temperatureIn    one month-20~45℃
In six months-20~35℃

Product detail

1. What kinds of cells are your LiFePO4 battery?
Our LiFePO4 cells are cylinderical type, 3.2v, 8-15Ah.
2. How many kinds of capacity of LiFePO4 cells do we have?
We have 8Ah,10Ah,12Ah,15Ah four types.
3. What are thier model names?

Package and shipping

Production time
Sample order 3 days. Bulk order 5-25 days.
Warranty terms
If a few batteries are defective, we only need clients to provide bar code.Then we will add the replacement on the next order, or we will pay for the freight to send it alone.high power battery

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