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wholesale PVC Tape
Backing: PVC film
Adhesive: Nature Rubber, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Thickness: 0.10mm ~ 0.50mm
Width: 8mm ~ 1250mm
Length: 3m ~ 50m
Elongation at break: 150% ~ 220%
Tensile Strength: 20~30N/10mm
Peel Strength: 1.6N/10mm
Use temperature: 0~80°C,120°C
Use voltage: 600V

(1) PVC Electrical Tape for all wire and cable joints rated up to 600 V.
(2)WENZHOU HUADE has been manufacturing PVC tape over 15 years and providing more than 20 countries such as South East Asia, Middle East Asia, Europe, Latin America and African countries.
(3) Environmental friendly pressure sensitive adhesive, Unique glue-formulation and strong adhesive.
(4) insulating, water proof and excellent resistance to corrosion.

Product Application
(1) Terminal processing of power-cables, wiring and insulation of electrical joints.
(2) Protection, binding, and identification of cables and pipes.
(3) Protection, repairs, and binding for homes, construction, tying works, and other uses.
(4) Bundling and repairing automotive wire harnesses.
wholesale PVC Tape

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